Spring is coming. I refuse to wear any more winter coats. I’ll shiver if I have to, but I’m done with winter. 

I know spring is coming because my brain is squirming with ideas… Meditation gets really difficult when every time I close my eyes, I think of a new project or see a dozen paintings I wish I had time to paint.  It’s kind of a dilemma whether to get swept up with the inspiration or to try to find a calm still place within. Anyone else struggle with that? 

I suppose I get a bit manic. It’s nothing dangerous, but I definitely get stingy with my time. My daughter, of course, just helps me with whatever I’m doing so she and I don’t have any conflict, but I don’t make time for my friends or that “relaxation” thing people keep suggesting to me. 

For now, I’m just going to enjoy being filled with passion. I’m about to start a round of experimental muffins. I got some strawberry powder and dried apricots and dates that I can’t wait to put into my banana, carrot, apple, oat muffins. If I didn’t have enough ideas already, my husband had to go and say that the muffins were good enough to sell. Now I want to find a kitchen to cook in and buy some printed packaging materials and figure out how in the heck one goes about selling delicious healthy muffins in the great wide world.

Oh yeah, and I want to write a book of fables too. Am I going to find time for that? Sure would be cool if I illustrated it myself too right? Yeah. That won’t take long… heh… 

The daffodils have started blooming. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!!!


(inspiration from my front yard in warmer days)


My Front Yard
Acrylic and textile (texture) on canvas

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12 Responses to Teeming

  1. jr cline says:

    WOW! Great blog. I love the photo and you.


  2. Khai says:

    Yes! YES! Use that passion– there will be a time of rest, when it gets dark again. For now, let the light flow through you.

    Sometimes I wish I could bottle these moments of being bursting with passion and ideas, for days when the dark seems to blot out everything else.


  3. kaylar says:

    always inspiring, you are, our Starr. ♥


  4. Sarah Key says:

    Love this painting. I’m done with winter, too.


    • oceanstarr says:

      Thanks a lot! My water lily is coming back to life and daffodils are blooming all over now! My neighbor’s tulips are coming up fast and the fishies are basking in the warm sun. Spring is the best time of year!


  5. I saw junior’s (Dad-right?) comment to promisesunshine and thought I would connect with him to see where/how you are and then —- I saw your comment! Hope all is well and yes, it is time to get my butt outside as our new season is on the way


  6. beserkerlife says:

    I like the photo (water lily is beautiful) and the painting.
    I live in Oregon, and this is the perfect time of year. Everything is bursting into bloom…pink and yellow and white mostly right now, something new every day.


    • oceanstarr says:

      Thank you 🙂 I would love to see spring around the country… and around the world for that matter. Nothing lights me up like all those flowers! The ornamental pears just started up here and the daffodils are bursting out all over! I feel a daffodil painting coming on again.


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