The Birthday Party


I have been working my tail off lately, but I did manage to take a little breather for my daughter’s second birthday. I could say any number of sentimental things and they would all be true, but what could I say that would differentiate my daughter’s birthday from any other? 

I had a lot of fun researching cake and icing recipes and had a lovely time making this cake with my daughter. It’s strawberry all the way through, from scratch, and with no artificial coloring. I used strawberry powder from to make the cake and icing more flavorful and pink. It was quite delicious, dense, moist, and rich. I’ll make that one again!



One of her birthday cards plays music when you open it. She really got a kick out of that. She opens and closes it and dances and laughs. I had to hide it after a couple days so my head didn’t explode, but she’ll enjoy it more again when I return it to her haha. I don’t know who gave her the bunny ears, but they are super awesome. 

She picked out the birthday dress. I was going to dress her in something more pragmatic for stomping around on the farm and rolling in the grass, but she wasn’t into it. It was her birthday party so I just went with it. 



Dad made her a rocking horse from scratch too. She calls it the Birthday Horse and is thrilled with it. We didn’t hide it from her while it was in process so she could watch the process. That is a big part of the fun… and hopefully will help her appreciate what the gift really is. Dad made it from scratch with no pattern and it is really one of those super special gifts. I think she gets it. 



In other news? I’m working on some writing and workshop type plans for the summer. I’m buried in painting tasks to complete… even moreso than usual. My commission schedule is more or less full until July I think at this point. That’s good because I’m going to seriously need a birthday break or something around July. 

Right now, my two favorite humans are sleeping peacefully on the couch while a vegetarian soup simmers on the stove. Lentils, garlic, onion, carrot, apple, sweet potato, celery, potato, mushroom, rosemary, barley. I hope it tastes ok. Maybe I’ll make some corn bread to serve with it. We do have a pile of farm fresh eggs. 

I’m trying to communicate with the world more, but my cell phone has not reappeared. This is becoming a nuisance.  We are planning to clean and rearrange a major area in the house soon so maybe that will turn it up.

Another day, another load of dishes. Paintings VERY close to done thank goodness!
Onward and upward.



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9 Responses to The Birthday Party

  1. j.e.glaze says:

    wonderful wonderful wonderful. 🙂


  2. jr cline says:

    Looks like a delicious cake. 🙂 and the rocking house is awesome. hugs


  3. Kay Vance says:

    Starr, wonderful writings and pictures. Strawberry cake was Matthews favorite birthday cake. I will send you the recipe if I can find it haven’t made it in years and maybe you will send me your recipe. I sent the rabbit ears. Went to the dollar store to buy wrapping paper and there they were. I hoped she would like them. Today would have been my mother’s 103rd birthday and Matthew’s is Wednesday.


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