Ferocious Equanimity

I had the most wonderful evening last night. I usually put my work up in cafes and bars and similar places (so that people can enjoy them in their REAL lives) and seldom go for real “gallery” type hangings. I love it when people can eat a meal or something while looking at the work as opposed to just a reception evening.

On the other side of things, though, it’s really nice to see people walk by and talk about pieces. I love to see what they’re drawn to. This piece was one of the more popular ones last night.  As I talked to people about it, I realized that a little explanation of where I was coming from with it would do some good maybe.

Equanimity… I saw several people look up the definition on their phones last night…

Equanimity is about calm; peace of mind.

In this time of political schizophrenia, media insanity, global conflicts, and fear mongering, I am tempted to delve into the deepest reaches of my anger. Oh I have a powerful anger! But what I’ve learned over the years is that I just can’t get mad enough to change anything (except my blood pressure).  The choice that I make with my own mind is to seek the greatest peace that I can and to let even the most horrible things… exist without bothering me.

Balance is important. Of course I’m heartbroken when I see the broken bodies of children and mothers and young men… regardless of whose family they belong to, but my hurt doesn’t heal them. When I try to radiate peace and love and calm, things around me change for the better. Maybe the changes are small, but I can see them. They’re real. My anger doesn’t make positive changes in the world…

So this piece is about the tension between my immense desire to fix all that’s broken and the temptation to be just plain mad about it all. I will be calm with a vengeance! I will be peaceful and loving with as much enthusiasm and dedication as I can muster. That might be all I can really do, but it’s something… and it makes it easier to deal with all I see on the infuriating news channels while I work out at the gym…

So onward and upward, dear friends.

As always

with love



Ferocious Equanimity

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3 Responses to Ferocious Equanimity

  1. You have the right frame of mind. There will always be those who see things differently. To the equanimitous mind, this should not matter.

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