When I wake up in the morning and am greeted by a pink sky, I get this funny feeling, like the Universe is blushing with happiness.
As the seasons turn this year, I’m comforted and amazed once again at the predictability of cycles… summer and winter, joy and grief, birth and death. I mourn with my friends who are in a cycle of loss and rejoice with those who are having the fun parts…
Me? I spend a lot of time with both sides of the coin. My family is happy and healthy. We have a place to live that we enjoy. My muse has not yet abandoned me 🙂

But just now, my darling daughter is running to the fridge to get yet another snack… so I’ll leave you with this:


Onward and upward!
As always, with love

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2 Responses to Blushing

  1. kaylar says:

    oxooooooooooooooooooo ❤

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  2. Being fair to both sides of the coin is huge (not yooge). Time with one’s child, though, is above all else.

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