Tonight’s the Night

One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is painting to live music. Every once in a while, I get to work with some fabulous musician. Wendel Werner, local workaholic, has been gracious enough to share his stage with me a couple of times before. Tonight, we’ll give it one more shot.

People frequently ask me how I can be sure that I’ll finish a painting in two hours.

“Don’t you plan what you’re going to paint?”
No. Not at all. My “safety net” is in bringing more than one board to paint on… I just paint and see what “works out” as I go, enjoying the music and the energy in the room.

“How can you charge so much when it only took you two hours to paint two paintings?”       Well… Before I bring the boards on stage, there is a lot of work to do.

First, I prime the boards on front and back.  Then I add texturing materials. Once those are on, the board requires between two and four more coats of paint just to ensure good adhesion and no “white spots” that I might not notice in the relatively low lighting on stage.  Many hours of work go into preparing the boards so they’ll be ready to accept whatever comes to me on stage.

“Will you sell them to the audience at the end?”

I will, but before I let the piece go home with anyone, I do need to bring it back to the studio, make sure the edges are all still nice and black, attach hanging wire (if desired), and title/sign the back.

So now, my boards are primed. My easel is ready. My family is waiting, and I’m going out to lunch.  See you tonight!

Here’s a clip from our first performance in January of 2016.

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