Who Do You Think You Are?

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Friend, Teacher, Child, Parent, Seeker, Preacher, Singer, Poet, Creator, Destroyer, Dreamer…

One of the most interesting quandaries of human life, for me, is the idea of identity. Who the hell do you think you are? And why do we expect identity to be constant, stable?

“Because people need to be able to trust you!”

Well sure. I will continue to be a mother until I die. I will continue to be a wife. When I say I will continue to be a child, though, an interesting twinge appears.

A part of me will always be my parents’ child. I strive daily to maintain a childlike joy in life and in creativity, but my body ages. My mind ages. My ideas change. So am I a child or not? Ask my mom. Ha!

People get nervous when someone changes fast. It hits us right in the amygdala. Our brains are hard-wired to resist change. I remember the look on my then boyfriend’s face when I cut my thigh-length hair off to a chin length bob while he was out one night… I think he thought it was me cutting off our relationship… Fortunately, he’s become accustomed to my behavior…

You can count on a person’s core most of the time, but expecting them to hold the lines of expected identity is a horse of a different color. Even giving them the freedom for change, whether they take it or not, makes humans happier, healthier creatures. Change is inevitable, after all.

Do you trust me?

Onward and upward
As always, with love


Things We Held.

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11 Responses to Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. Through your art, you demonstrate your changes for all to see. I don’t pretend to know what moves you from one thing to another or what it means, but I certainly see that there’s a great deal to see.
    I’d say from your music and photos (and -heaven forbid- the dress!!) that you live life in the same manner, bold and evolving.
    Also, from personal experience, I know that you are living with constant evolution with your sweet girl. Mothers cannot expect the same old from one minute to the next.
    I enjoyed this, Starr.
    (PS I would think that hair cut was pretty radical without any warning.But clearly the shock was gotten over.)

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    • oceanstarr says:

      Thank you 🙂 ❤
      I don't pretend to know what moves me either lol… I just painted my fingernails bright pink.
      The daughter is into that stuff and wanted us to be special together. It's weird and uncomfortable and distracting and I love it. I hope I never do it again hahaha!
      Yeah… I can be a little impulsive… I refuse to get bored or stuck in a rut. Life is just too too short to waste my days!
      Love you!

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  2. jr cline says:

    I trust you.
    I have problems with labels. Which makes hash tagging difficult for me. lol I have problems with being identified by a role.
    I don’t know.
    There was a time I wanted to “find” myself. But I wasn’t lost.

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    • oceanstarr says:

      I’ve gotten to this fun point where I wake up in the morning and ask who I am today haha… There’s no danger of me forgetting to love my family or feed the chickens, but the other stuff is totally up for grabs 🙂
      I wanted to find myself, but the target moves too often. ❤

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  3. kaylar says:

    Love this, lots to say, but. I will just say…god/dess and us-we are SO much. You clearly show us, that. ❤
    (ok. one more. to express it; I have a sketch, i'll post soon, of a nude that I wanted to make or lean towards the third sex, as it's called, these days. (-: ) ❤

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  4. j.e.glaze says:

    who we are is based on how clearly we see. as we see more clearly, we change. like, when one learns or casts aside beliefs, one changes immensely. one can’t go back. everyone notices. it’s tough on those we are close to.

    but, change is Seeing more clearly, and for people like you/us, there is no other way. change is chaos, and/or brings chaos, until we digest our new identity – which is bs, not bad bs, but the way of the word bs. and soon we will see even more clearly, and we will change and never go back.

    yeah, people want to depend on everyone around them staying the same. esp: marriage. eek! usually, that’s a tough one. not always. but very often.

    I’m glad you keep on changing! 🙂


  5. Labels often lie. You, the painter, the friend, do not lie.

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  6. Katherine says:

    Trust you with my life..physical mental and emotional..certainly trust you with my spiritual integrity (whatever that is;) trust you as my friend..sister..buddy in secret crime..that really is not..Trust you with my heart..Hope you trust me this much too;)


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