Amnesia and Resurrection

I frequently get in this rather complicated discussion about the nature of human existence…

I am adamantly resistant to a lot of “time sensitive” things people do… I could go on for paragraphs on that, but I’m sure anyone who knows me can fill in the blanks…

Invariably, I find myself in the position to ask whether the person I’m having the discussion with believes in reincarnation. It seems to me that if one has the general idea that life goes on in some interesting way after body death, the “pressure to perform” or build a legacy or some other such thing kind of evaporates. There are those who believe we just go from one body to another in our long quest to “get home” or escape the cycle or realize our “true nature”… but there is no objective evidence that that’s even possible. Even if one were to claim memories from another life, there’s no real way to explain that mechanism or nail down the process in any scientific way.

So that’s all great. But it seems to me one of the limiting factors in evolving in ONE life is our persistence of memory. We all live many lives… My child self is no longer “alive”. That person exists only in my memories and those of my family and friends who were around at the time… and those memories only agree in places as our aging minds rewrite our stories with time and perspective.

But we have to let go of our child selves, our teenager selves, our college selves etc etc in order to move forward and become the next self.

So… if reincarnation is “a thing”, why on Earth would one want to hold those memories all the time. If we come back over and over, would we want to remember the families we left behind or the friends who can no longer be reached easily? That sounds agonizing.

Maybe the body doesn’t have to die for us to be reborn… maybe we just have to be prepared to let go of old stories that no longer serve the future… And regardless of “proof” of what happens after death, the idea of being able to continue “my work” (such as it is), beyond the timer of this little, squishy biological device I live in right now, makes me a better and more peaceful person today.

And today is all I figure I really have anyway. Everything else is kinda hazy till I get there.

Onward and upward.

With love.


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3 Responses to Amnesia and Resurrection

  1. From my limited experience of people remembering folks from past lives, it does seem to be a bit agonizing. I think it’s hard enough remembering people you no longer interact with. But I suppose that particular pain makes us who we are too.

    January must be the time for thoughts of resurrection and reincarnation and rebirth. Or something.

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    • oceanstarr says:

      Those pains are definitely part of my life and my identity to some extent. I wouldn’t deny that. I am grateful, in many cases, that I don’t have MORE of those memories.
      I think about the nature of existence kind of all the time lol… I just got a random series of triggers today that made me actually write about it.
      I hope someday we get a chance for a face to face conversation about life and existence and things and stuff.

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  2. jr cline says:

    Well said. ❤️
    I’m not the same person I was this morning. Always dying. Always being reborn. Sometimes I get stuck clinging to a “who I was”. As soon as I can I let go.


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