Drop by Drop

It’s ok to be tired.

It’s ok to buy the frozen pizza because it was a long day at work and everybody needs to eat dinner tonight.

It’s ok to buy the gas powered, second hand car even though a new, efficient turbo diesel or electric car might be better for the environment.

And it’s ok to be confused as to whether an electric car is better because battery production is toxic and electricity still relies on people who go into the earth and mine coal … or nuclear plants that rely on highly dangerous processes and materials. Or is it better to run on petroleum products that may fuel wars in other parts of the world?

It’s appropriate to be angry that those who make decisions at the highest level of government or business make it difficult for regular, hard working people to make good, ethical, clean decisions. It’s also ok to forgive that and do the best you can.

Just as an ecosystem relies on the very smallest and the very biggest living creatures to have balance and overall health, societal systems rely on the most humble of us and those with the most wide-sweeping power to work together to bring forth a healthier village, town, city, country.

There is evidence in the marketplace that the voice of the regular person is heard. The very fact that an “organic label” is something the consumer can look for is evidence that the interests of the consumer are heard and do affect the means of production. This is not a war to be won, but a daily matrix of choices for every household. The stone is eroded by water, drop by drop and the wide, open system is changed by small choices that are possible on a daily basis.

Even if you buy a frozen pizza to go along with your organic, farmers market produce.


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  1. Also. Now I’m hungry for pizza.

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